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The Many Benefits of Integrative Medicine

Is traditional medicine not providing you with the type of whole health support you need and desire? Do you wish there was a holistic way to support your wellness? Integrative medicine might be the answer.

Apr 16th, 2020
Get the Jump on Managing Spring Allergies

Does the onset of spring bring more misery than joy? You could be suffering from seasonal spring allergies, thanks to the increased amount of pollen in the air. Natural remedies can help alleviate your discomfort.

Mar 6th, 2020
9 Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

It’s American Heart Month, and what better time to think about how the choices you make impact your health? Here are nine tips you can use to help improve your heart health and stay healthy all year.

Feb 17th, 2020
How a Pap Smear Can Save Your Life

Cervical cancer awareness month is an opportunity to increase awareness of how women can best protect themselves. Pap tests are the best tool for detecting cervical cancer early and preventing it altogether.

Jan 21st, 2020
Is High Cholesterol Causing Your Chest Pain?

Is high cholesterol the culprit when you develop angina? High cholesterol rarely has symptoms of its own, but it’s a major contributor to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Dr. Amit Paliwal of Indus Healthcare explains why it could be.

Dec 17th, 2019