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The Many Benefits of Integrative Medicine

For many people with long-term health conditions, maintaining wellness on a day-to-day basis can be difficult. Once you’ve received a diagnosis and gotten a prescription to treat it, it can seem like you’re simply cut adrift and expected to “cope” with the fluctuations in your health all by yourself — after all, you have the medication to help.

At Indus Healthcare, with offices in offices in Pomona, West Covina, and Montclair, California, Dr. Amit Reenu Paliwal and his experienced team believe there’s more to medicine than just medication. We can help you develop a personalized treatment plan built on the concept of integrative medicine, a holistic approach where alternative medicine therapies can help relieve pain and other symptoms of a chronic condition.

Integrative medicine basics

The driving idea behind integrative medicine isn’t to replace traditional medical treatment, but to supplement it. You can substitute alternative therapies in some areas of your healthcare plan, or simply add them as a backup for days when your traditional therapies don’t work. 

A good example is using integrative medicine for breakthrough pain. Many chronic pain patients struggle with breakthrough pain that flares up periodically. Instead of increasing doses of pain meds, you can turn to integrative medicine which offers alternative ways of decreasing pain levels. For example, your practitioner might teach you deep breathing or meditation techniques to help manage pain flares. 

People who can benefit from integrative medicine

If you have any type of chronic condition, you may want to try integrative medicine. Alternative therapies are available to relieve pain, improve mood, increase mobility, and battle depression. Integrative medicine could be perfect for you if you have:

Types of integrative treatments

There are many types of integrative medicine options. Your doctor will work with you to find the right ones. Dr. Paliwal might recommend any or all of the following:

Benefits of integrative medicine

Integrative medicine can have the following benefits for patients with chronic conditions:

The goal of integrative health is to find ways to complete the circle of healthcare. We strive to include your body, mind, and emotions to help bring your entire self into balance. Lowering stress levels, providing your body with proper nutrition, and relieving symptoms of depression can help the rest of your healthcare regimen be more effective.

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