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Occupational Medicine Specialist

Indus Healthcare

Primary Care, Integrative Medicine, and Occupational Medicine located in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County

Getting hurt on the job or experiencing an illness related to the duties of your position requires a special kind of health care provider. Amit Reenu Paliwal, MD, MBA, MPH, DABFM, and the team at Indus Healthcare are experienced in occupational medicine and provide thorough exams, accurate diagnoses, and treatment of workplace illness and disease. To schedule an appointment, call the Pomona, West Covina, or Montclair, California office, or use the online scheduling tool.

Occupational Medicine Q & A

What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of work-related illnesses and injuries. The medical team at Indus Healthcare provides clinical care, preventive services, disability management, health education, and also offer pre-employment testing to ensure employees can safely perform the duties of their job.

How are work-related illnesses and injuries managed and treated?

If an injury or illness happens in the workplace, the occupational medicine team at Indus Healthcare can help you recover under workers’ compensation insurance.

Typical services for work-related illness and injury management include receiving direct care by occupational medicine doctors knowledgeable in California’s workers’ compensation law, along with:

  • Diagnosis, counseling, and treatment plans
  • Determination of work restrictions
  • Return-to-work plans
  • Coordination with other medical specialists

What does a pre-employment health screening consist of?

Some workplaces require new employees to receive a pre-employment health screening. This visit will generally consist of:

  • Drug and alcohol testing (urine drug screening, hair, saliva, or sweat screening)
  • Physical ability tests measuring flexibility, strength, and stamina
  • Mental endurance
  • Heart health
  • Psychological health

Pre-employment examinations for prospective employees are often required for positions where health and fitness are a requirement of the role like police officer and firefighter.

Occupational medicine providers like Indus Healthcare are expected to fully understand the expectations of the job when completing a pre-employment health screening to ensure they can determine if you could adequately complete the duties required by the position.

When do I need to see an occupational medicine specialist?

If you plan to fill out a worker’s compensation claim for an illness or injury, you’ll need to be checked and treated by a doctor. Choosing Indus Healthcare ensures that your doctor understands worker’s compensation and can help you feel better and get back to work faster.

You might also need an occupational medicine provider if your employer requires drug screening before or during employment or a health insurance screening for insurance or pre-employment purposes.

If you’ve been hurt on the job or experience an illness or disease caused by something in your work environment, call Indus Healthcare, or schedule an appointment online.