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4 Ways Geriatric Care Helps You Age Gracefully

Aging is a slow and sometimes painful process; different parts of your body begin to deteriorate as you age, and your organs have to work harder and harder to complete their basic tasks. Staying healthy, strong, and active as you get older should be the main goal, but most people don’t think about their health as seniors until they’re already living in their golden years.

At Indus Healthcare, with offices in Pomona, West Covina, and Montclair, California, Dr. Amit Reenu Paliwal and his experienced team offer a full range of geriatric care services, health services provided to adults aged 65 or older, to help you age gracefully while staying in the best health possible.  

Here are four examples of how it can help you age gracefully.

1. Annual visits

Your annual visit might seem like a nuisance; you feel fine, so why go to the doctor? As a matter of fact, these visits can be critical in identifying hidden health issues like cardiovascular disease early, and keeping them from advancing and damaging your health. 

At your annual visit, Dr. Paliwal checks your heart, lungs, skin, and nails. He performs a blood pressure test and possibly a blood sugar test, runs any needed bloodwork and urinalysis, and talks to you about any worrisome symptoms you may have. If indicated, he has you complete a stress test or orders imaging or other screenings. 

Conditions like heart or lung disease and diabetes are more treatable or manageable the earlier we know about them. Getting your annual check-up could improve the quality of your life — or even save it, allowing you to continue to age as gracefully as possible.

2. Cancer screenings

Depending on your age, sex, and general health, Dr. Paliwal may also recommend cancer screening. This can include checking for cancer of these parts of your body and more:

When cancer is caught early, you have a much better chance of surviving and continuing to live a long and happy life.

3. Chronic care

What if you’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic condition, like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, or high blood pressure? Dr. Paliwal can create a customized care plan that keeps these conditions from worsening as you age, adding years to your life.

4. Pain management

If you’re struggling with joint pain, back pain, or other pain caused by conditions like arthritis or autoimmune disease, we work with you to address your chronic pain and help you age in comfort. Your treatment plan may include lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise regimen, as well as pain medications to help you stay mobile and active in the years ahead. 

To learn more about geriatric care, schedule a screening by calling the location nearest you, or visit our contact page for more information.

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