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Does Eating Healthily Really Matter?

In recent years, many of the myths of diet science have been debunked. If you’re trying to maintain or improve your health, changing how you think about food and finding the right physician to support your nutritional needs might be the key to true well-being. 

At Indus Healthcare in Pomona, West Covina, and Montclair, California, Dr. Amit Reenu Paliwal delivers whole body care using integrative medicine, with a focus on a truly healthy diet assisted by supplements, when needed.

The basics of healthy eating 

Growing up, there’s a good chance you were introduced to the food pyramid during health class. Carbohydrates form the foundation of your diet, while sugars and processed fats lie at the top, reserved for desserts and special occasions. This is what most people take away from their education, but it’s far more complex than that. 

What constitutes a healthy diet depends on who you ask, but generally it means a balanced selection of foods that provide plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Combined with the carbs you need for energy, this helps you fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements. 

How a healthy diet helps you 

A healthy diet can ensure your bones, organs, and muscles stay strong and healthy, and that your gut doesn’t struggle with the foods you put into your body. It can also help protect you from obesity, a condition that puts extra strain on your joints, heart, lungs, and more.

When you eat a healthy diet, you’re also protecting your cognitive function. Critical micronutrients are part of a balanced dietary intake. You’ll have a stronger, more capable immune system as well, and if you ever get pregnant, your body will be better equipped to carry a child.

How integrative medicine supports healthy eating

Dr. Paliwal can help you on your journey to total wellness with integrative medicine, which emphasizes the importance of both physical well-being and emotional well-being along with a healthy diet.

What you eat significantly impacts your overall health. Changing your diet to balance the nutrients you give your body, and using supplements to address deficiencies, can often relieve unwelcome health symptoms and assist in safe, healthy weight loss, if required.

If you have chronic pain or have suffered an injury, proper nutrition gives your body the building blocks to heal and maintain health even in the face of chronic disease. If you are in reasonably good health, dietary changes may help protect you against common ailments such as heart disease or diabetes

To learn more about integrative medicine and how eating healthily affects your body, schedule an appointment by calling the location closest to you, or visit the contact page for more options.

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