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Losing Just 5-10% of Your Excess Weight Can Improve Your Health Dramatically

Many people think of weight loss as a monumental task, where you have to lose an impressive percentage of your body weight for your efforts to “count.” However, this all-or-nothing thinking can be damaging, and even 5-10% of your excess weight is a notable improvement. In fact, shedding any amount of weight can be an accomplishment, since it improves your health and teaches you new self-management skills. 

At Indus Healthcare, with offices located in Pomona, West Covina, and Montclair, California, Dr. Amit Paliwal provides integrative medicine options with personalized treatment plans, including those for weight loss and weight management. 

Having a healthy mindset about weight loss

The health benefits of weight loss are nearly endless, but if you’ve been suggested for a weight loss program, you’ve probably heard them all. Excess weight puts extra stress on your heart, bones, and even your mental health. 

However, the culture surrounding weight loss can be equally damaging. Many people struggling with their weight feel like the only worthy goals are lofty ones, and that their weight is a reflection of their personal failings. This shouldn’t be the case.

Losing weight can take time, and setting reasonable goals is the first step to success. Whether you’re trying to lose ten pounds or forty, losing even a small percentage of your body weight is something worth celebrating. 

In fact, studies have shown that losing the first 5-10% of excess weight is the most dramatic improvement you can make to your health. 

Why the 5-10% number can be significant to your health

If you’re looking to lose weight and improve your lifestyle, a small step in the right direction can actually be a great leap for your health. Losing 5-10% percent of your excess body weight can lead to a number of sudden, surprising health benefits, including: 

This is all from a minor drop in weight; the more you lose, the better off you’ll be. However, starting small is the best place to begin. 

Instead of focusing on the big picture, just focus on the 5-10% hurdle. The exercise routine, diet plan, and self-discipline you establish during this time will pave the way for future weight loss and a happier, healthier life. 

To learn more about weight loss and how it can improve your health, contact the team at Indus Healthcare. You can schedule a consultation by calling the location closest to you, or visit the contact page

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