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Injured on the Job? Explore How Occupational Medicine Can Help

Getting hurt at work can be a blow to your health and your finances. If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, your primary goal should be to get proper treatment and restore your full functionality.

At Indus Healthcare, with offices in Pomona, West Covina, and Montclair, California, Dr. Amit Reenu Paliwal and his experienced team provide occupational medicine services to help you get back on your feet and back to work as soon as possible. 

What you need to do if you’re injured on the job

If you suffer a workplace injury in California, you’ll need to follow these steps:

If you have “predesignated” your doctor, and your health care insurance is through your employer, you get to choose who provides your treatment after a workplace injury

At Indus Healthcare, our team is well-versed in treating injuries and illnesses arising from work, and we also are accustomed to dealing with workers compensation laws in California. 

Occupational injuries overview

Occupational injuries can be acute, happening in a single incident. These could include:

They can also occur over time, with a cumulative damage effect. Repetitive motion can cause chronic pain in your:

The environment you work in can also cause harm. For example:

Occupational medicine focuses on treating your workplace injury

If you’ve been hurt on the job, Dr. Paliwal will explore every potential side effect of your injury and discuss a treatment plan with you. Your treatment will be designed to restore your health so you can return to work, if possible, at the same level that you were formerly able to function. 

Dr. Paliwal may recommend noninvasive treatments, medications, physical therapy, rehabilitative therapy, or even surgery, if required, to repair any damage done by your injury. He will track your progress, and report any lingering disability. 

Our office will work closely with your health insurer and within California workers compensation law to get you the help you need. Our top priority is restoring your health and fitness after a work-related injury.

Have you been injured on the job? Let Indus Healthcare help. Call our location nearest you to book an appointment or send us a message online

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