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How Integrative Medicine Works

How Integrative Medicine Works

Every person is different, and so are their health problems. The health care system often isolates a single patient’s different health challenges, making it difficult to get the best overall treatment. Specialists can end up prescribing a range of medications or treatments that cause more complications, or even duplicate other physicians’ efforts. Integrative health care can remedy the situation.

At Indus Healthcare, with offices in Pomona, West Covina, and Montclair, California, Dr. Amit Reenu Paliwal develops personalized treatment plans based on the concept of integrative medicine, looking at whole-body health instead of a collection of symptoms and conditions.

Integrative medicine 101

Integrative medicine doesn’t replace your doctor or specialists’ advice or urge you to stop taking all of your prescribed medications in favor of alternative medicine. Instead, it focuses on how supplemental treatments can enhance traditional medicine and reduce side effects. Some medication can be reduced or even deprescribed, while others can be used in tandem with integrative options to help bring your body into sync.

Conditions perfect for integrative medicine

Patients who have chronic conditions are those who typically find integrative medicine most helpful. Health treatments for chronic pain, mobility issues, mood swings, anxiety, or depression can be supplemented with alternative options to help provide extra relief. 

Some of the most qualified candidates for integrative medical therapies include those with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other broad, chronic conditions like lupus, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Breakthrough pain that flares up despite traditional pain relief medications can make chronic pain patients’ lives miserable. When increasing pain medication doses isn’t a safe option, integrative medicine can help. Meditation or deep-breathing techniques can help you ride out a pain flare and keep your heart rate and blood pressure from spiking due to pain.

Integrative treatment options

Dr. Paliwal can recommend the best integrative treatment for you. Your plan will be highly personalized, and could include any of the following:  

Reasons to choose integrative medicine

Integrative medicine provides many benefits, including reduced dependency on pain medications. It can also reduce overall pain levels, leading to better flexibility and mobility. This approach can minimize stress, improve your mood, and help you sleep better.

Are you interested in integrative medicine options? We can help. Call our location nearest you to book an appointment, or send us a message online today. 

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